Customer Review – Motherease Rikki Wrap

This is a lovely customer review for the Motherease Rikki Wrap:

When I started using cloth with my eldest daughter I wanted a nappy wrap that would be reliable for both day and night. I also wanted one that would go over a variety of nappies. I tried the motherease Rikki Wrap and its the one brand we are still using 5 years later.

Whilst we have had other prettier wraps they have not matched up in term of fit and reliability. It’s my workhorse wrap, I know that it will not leak, will fit over different nappies and adapt as my child grows. The lower cut on the legs is great for night nappies that tend to be bigger and allows for extra padding. It comes small enough to go over terry squares on a newborn and large enough to take a super soaking toddler. If I was asked to recommend a wrap to someone who was new to cloth, this would be it.
If I could only have one kind of wrap, I would swap all the pretties in the world for this, why? Because it does its job so well.

We also do the Motherease Rikki Wrap Eco theme.