Exeter Eco-Fayre

Had a lovely morning yesterday, manning the Exeter Steiner School stall at the Exeter Eco-Fayre.  This is the first time I have been to the Eco-fayre and was pleased to see how many people came.  There was a lovely atmosphere, helped along by the band outside. 

I met lots of interesting people, including Robin Currie of Barchester Green Investment who has promised to brave my financials, sort out pensions and like, all using ethical investments.

The fabby Book Cycle people were there and I bought some new books – a great science experiment book that P and E are making a mess with in the garden as I write and Little House on the Prairie.  I never really saw the programmes as a child (no television) so I have been completely blown away by how little the settlers had, how much adversity they had to overcome, yet how happy they were.  Yes, I know this is pure fiction and through very rosy glasses (nothing is mentioned about the “resettlement” of the native population that’s for sure) but it is still lovely to imagine a world where people are happy without vast rooms full of stuff.

The next Eco-fayre will be on Saturday 30th May at the St Sidwells Centre, Sidwell Street, Exeter.

Hopefully see you there.