Exeter Homebirth Group Discuss Water Birth 11th Oct 2011

ErgoBaby Infant Insert at the Natural NurseryExeter Homebirth Group’s next meeting is on Tuesday 11th October 7.30 – 9.30pm.

We are at West Exe Children’s Centre in Exeter. Follow this link for directions:



October’s topic is WATER BIRTH!


We will be sharing experiences of using water in labour and birthing in water, whether at home, hospital or midwife-led unit.

A ‘Birth Pool in a Box’ will be available for you to try (unfilled!). This is the model that we hire out: http://www.nctshop.co.uk/activebirth/Eco-Birth-Pool-in-a-Box-/productinfo/4302/
Email Claire for more details about our pool hire scheme: c.e.arnold@hotmail.co.uk.
Our pool is in constant demand and we are currently fundraising for a second birth pool. Any fundraising ideas much appreciated!
“There is a perception that using a birth pool during labour is just pleasant, but immersion in warm water is known to be the most effective form of pain relief in labour barring an epidural.’
Julia Sanders, Consultant Midwife, was member of the NICE Intrapartum Guideline Development Group.

The Benefits of a Waterbirth


The usual tea, cake and friendly home-birthing mums (dads are welcome too!) and group supporters will be there on the 11th.

Don’t forget – we would love your written birth stories to share with the group.



Finally, if you can let us know if you are planning on coming on the 11th, we can get enough cake in!


Warm wishes,


Clare Lowing & Claire Arnold


Exeter Homebirth Group

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