Things to do with the kids: a recycled hobby horse

Home made hobby horse

Home made hobby horse

It’s raining, kids are bored, they seem to be bored with the mountain of toys in their bedroom, what shall we do?

I regularly buy new small toys or plan activities in advance so I can turn a boring day into magical fun within minutes. Sometimes, you just have to improvise.

Today, I remember that my little boy played with his friend’s hobby horse a whole afternoon last time we visited them. No hobby horse around here, no way I’m trekking to the shops on a rainy to get one. I’m also not keen on buying toys that will only be played with a handful of times. Even if traditional hobby horses look lovely with their soft fur and cute eyes, there won’t be space in their room to keep it.

Out comes the trusted cardboard!


  • A small pole or stick
  • Packing tape
  • Some ribbons, paper strips, gift string
  • Eyes were from the local supermarket or you can draw them with felt pens
  • Scissors

Print out the hobby horse head.
Cut around it
Draw the shape of the head on the cardboard (twice)
Ask an adult to cut the cardboard head shapes
Stick them together with packing tape leave a small space on one corner for the pole
Slide the pole in and secure it with tape
Draw or glue the eyes
Ask an adult to cut a couple of small holes with a sharp knife or a knitting needle through the cardboard. Thread the ribbons and tie.

Et voila! Now you can make a second to whiz around and race with a friend!

It’s not the prettiest toy ever and not meant to last but making it taught the children to draw a shape, cut, stick, and will keep them entertained for the rest of the afternoon. When they’re done with, take it apart, reuse what can be reuse and recycle the rest.