Natural Nursery Reviews – Neuner’s Organic Baby Stomach Ease Tea

Neuners Organic Baby Tea at the Natural NurseryNeuner’s Organic Baby Stomach Ease Tea is a mild herbal tea suitable from one week on to help calm an upset stomach.  It can be drunk by breastfeeding mothers or cup / spoon fed to baby.Benefits

  • Natural, organic herbs carefully blended to be gentle to little tummies
  • Can be drunk by a breastfeeding mother and passed through the milk
  • Relaxing for the whole family to drink
  • Aniseed, fennel, chamomile and caraway have been used for generations to sooth colicky babies
  • Thyme has antiseptic properties
  • Can be spoon fed direct to baby or given in a bottle
  • No added sugar or flavourings
  • No GMOs
  • Caffeine free

This is what one Natural Nursery customer had to say about the tea:

It really works!
After trying various other remedies like Infacol, Detinox and Gripe water (which our daughter absolutely hated) decided to try the tea. It really worked! I drank 2 cups a day and noticed the difference in our very windy baby right away.
The tea is very mild and quite pleasant. Would recommend it to anyone! Great product!
5/5 from LK May 2011