Noonoo Natural Baby Toys

Many newborn babies quickly become attached to a favourite toy or blankie – it can sooth them when they are fractious and help the slip gently into sleep. 

As they become older, the comforter becomes a treasured companion, some thing to help them feel safe in their ever expanding world, a favoured plaything and a learning resource.

Making a beautiful, natural first blankie available to a young baby can help them in so many ways and the benefits of natural fibers are many.

A natural material will soon absorb comforting scents – many new parents sleep with a comforter before giving to a baby so the child will be comforted by the familar smell.

Lambs’ wool is soft and gentle on a baby’s delicate skin and has its own unique feel and texture, something that is often missing from mass-produced baby items.

We are delighted to now be stocking a range of Noonoo comforters and baby toys, made from gentle lambs’ wool, organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics.

The range has been carefully designed to provide simple, soothing comfort for newborns as well as a highly interactive learning process.

Beautiful felted wool, stunning embroideries, careful use of colour and a whole range of tactile experiences in the form of bobbles, stitched lines, loops, pockets and “fingers and toes”, mean the Noonoo range is quite simply the best on the market.

They make a wonderful new baby present and come gift packed in a white box.  You can buy Noonoo toys and comforters from The Natural Nursery webshop.