A play kitchen is so much fun for children

play kitchen

play kitchen

Among all the bulky toys, there is one that stands out and actually gets used for hours on. It’s the play kitchen.

We love the idea of getting the kids interested in cooking early on. It’s a way to encourage them to help in the kitchen, be aware of healthy cooking and eating habits. They learn to shop, plan and prepare balanced meals. It is something that will stay with them forever.

A child imagination is boundless. Turn over a big cardboard box and use a black marker pen to draw the over door, four hobs and four buttons. It is enough to get their imagination started and prepare delicious pretend meals. You can cut out the oven door and refine it by sticking a shelf. Use a second cardboard box to draw a sink, cut it out and stick a little bucket or a small bowl to make the sink.

Feel free to add a few felt play vegetables, some pretend food toys and a child apron and you’re in for a treat. I often buy little toys like that in advance and take them out on a rainy day. It renew the child’s interest for their toys.

Once the children have outgrown their baby cutlery, they can be reused as play cutlery, along with their PVC free plastic bowls. The dolls and teddies also need to learn proper table manners and never eat without their tie-on bibs.

The good thing about a home made cardboard play kitchen is that it can be folded away for storage or recycled.