Ten tips to save money during pregnancy

Copy of iStock_000006884328XSmallThe first few years of your baby’s life can also be the most expensive. All new parents are convinced that they must buy lots of things during pregnancy and for the new baby when very little actually get used. Whether you are considering buying less for financial or ecological reasons, there are many ways you can save money during pregnancy and with a new baby.

  1. Breastfeeding is no doubt the biggest way to save money when your baby is born. You save not only the cost of formula and baby bottles. Studies have shown that breastfeeding reduces children’s illnesses so you will not have to miss so many work days. Ultimately, you are contributing to reducing the cost of the healthcare system and therefore taxes.

  2. Stick to the essentials for your baby. Each year, baby product manufacturers come up with new designs and inventions. Think how you will be using the product, where you will store it, whether it is reusable for another child.

  3. Using reusable nappies will save you £650 on average for a first child. Switching to reusable nappies is good for your budget and good for the environment.

  4. Using reusable baby wipes is also easy, economical and environmentally friendly.

  5. Ask friends and relatives for hand me down. Chances are they have lots of barely worn pregnancy clothes and hardly used baby products.

  6. Buy good quality products and clothes. They will be nicer to use, more convenient and are more likely to last through a second child. In the long run you will save money by buying good quality products.

  7. Buy a baby sling for a fraction of the price of a pram or a buggy. You will be able to use it for years, for one or more children and continue using public transport.

  8. Choose pregnancy clothes or loose fitted tops that you can wear again after your baby is born. Many breastfeeding tops and nursing bras are also suitable to wear during pregnancy.

  9. Borrow pregnancy and baby magazines or books from your local library. If the one you want isn’t in stock, most libraries allow you to request it. Consider listening to your instincts instead of rushing to a baby guru book.

  10. Open a Child’s Trust Fund. The government contributes the first £250, that much less that you will need to pay for your child’s education or his first car.