Make it Monday – Juice Carton Recycling

Doy Bags at the Natural NurseryDespite dilligently sorting tins, bottles, paper and cardboard and composting any food that is leftover from leftovers, my little family still manages to produce lots of rubbish for my big black bin.

My challenge to myself – and anyone else who cares to take it up, is to find something else to do with things I normally throw away and this week I have chosen – milk and juice cartons.

Normally, I squash them down so they take up less space in the bin but it would be great to find something else to do with them rather than bin them.

My 5 year old tried one in the bath and had a lot of fun sitting on it and making fart bubbles, classy boy! I would like to find something rather more refined to do with them so here are some ideas:

If you cut the top off high they can be used for:

  1. soaking paintbrushes in turps
  2. storing carrots and courgetes in the fridge (honestly, it works, try it!)
  3. storing veg peelings for making stock

If you cut the top off half way up they are good for:

  1. planting things in
  2. as a pencil and pen holder
  3. putting ends of soap in

Cut lengthwise about 2.5cm high,

  1. fill with cotton wool to make a cress garden
  2. use as a boat

Cut the top off and open out the flaps at the bottom and then you can use it as:

  1. a sandwich holder – pop it in and fold over the edges – a rubber band would help keep it together!
  2. to store cheese in the fridge – put the cheese in, fold over and store on the folded side to keep shut

Masking tape sticks to them well and you can paint over or draw on it if you want to decorate your creation.

And when you tire of it,  Tetra Pak, who have been making cartons since the 50’s say that 82% of the UK have somewhere to recycle near them and the number is getting bigger all the time. They send them off to Sweden which is the nearest place they can be recycled. You can check your area at the Tetra Pak Recycling website.

The Natural Nursery have beautiful recycled Doy Bags made from by a cooperative that employes over 200 women in the Philippines. These bags make a fashion and recycling statement at the same time.

If you have other ideas for things to do with juice cartons please let me know!