The Tidy Books® Baby Buddy: one versatile children’s storage solution!

The Tidy Books® Children’s Bookcase is now a design classic, allowing children to have a full view of their book front covers. The Tidy Books® team applies their keen eye for beautiful and practical products with a new children’s storage solution: the Baby Buddy.

The ingenious shelf keeps everything you need for your baby, safe and close to hand. The compact design of the Baby Buddy is ideal to use in the bathroom and the nursery where it holds nappies, cream and toys alike. You can easily reach for something without having to bend down and take your eyes off your baby while he is on the changing table.

Later on, the Baby Buddy can be hung on the wall above the baby’s bed to store his favourite bedtime story, a cup or a small light. It is also the perfect ‘Bunk Bed Buddy’ so it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top.

The Baby Buddy is available in a range of finishes to match your baby’s room. The water-based lacquer gives it a shabby chic look.

“I originally designed this shelf for the top bunk and then I started using it everywhere in the house…looks great and works well in my bathroom too even if I say so myself ! “ Geraldine, designer of the Tidy Books® Baby Buddy children’s storage solution.