The Tidy Books® Box: a children’s storage solution to encourage children to read.

Do you wish to encourage your children to read and enjoy books?

It starts by making books easily accessible to children. That means the books should not be tucked away in a bookcase where they might be hard to grab for little hands. Nor should only the books’ spine be visible, making it hard for children to find their favourite book or discover a new one.

To encourage reading, books should be easily accessible. This is where families have discovered the beauty of the Tidy Books Box. It allows kids to easily see and choose their books. It gives an easy place to put them back and encourages tidying up. The play clock is a fun addition to encourage children to learn the time.

This practical and stylish design looks great anywhere in the house. You can have a little reading nook in the living room or in the kitchen so the children have a place to snuggle up and read while you make dinner for example. Later on, you can simply remove the play clock for a more grown-up look.

The Book Box is more than a children’s storage solution: it plants the love of books right in the heart of the home. It is a special gift that stays with the children forever.

The Tidy Books Box is a brilliant, stylish version of a magazine rack for kids, which looks great next to my son’s bed, and just keeps those gathering bedside books in one place ready for bedtime reading, instead of in a pile on the floor. Practical, space saving and fun” Marc