Weleda Nappy Change Cream – Product Review

weleda nappy change creamProduct Tested: Weleda  Nappy Cream

Length of Test: 10 days

Tested on Sophia, 14 months

 For the last few months, Sophia (14 months) has been prone to a red and very sore bottom. I have tried several different creams with no luck, they are either: ineffective, too thick and unbreathable, poorly packaged or in one case – seemed to make it even worse!

 So I was hopeful (or desperate) when I started using Weleda Nappy Cream. My first impressions were there it smelt lovely; wasn’t too thick and seemed to rub in well. However, after 24 hours there seemed to be no change. But then after a few days use it started to clear up and after 10 days it seems to have kept the dreaded rash well at bay!

 It is a lovely consistency, doesn’t feel greasy, doesn’t seem to stain clothes it gets on (a common problem with a grabby toddler) and is overall, probably the best nappy cream I’ve found to date. Coupled with this that there are some lovely ingredients (almond oil, beeswax and lanolin) and it has a very pocket friendly price tag and I think I’m on to a winner!

 I would give this cream 9 out of 10. It only lost a mark as the improvement took a couple of days rather than overnight but then, maybe we want things too instantly in this modern quick fix culture anyway?!…

 Hannah tested the Weleda Nappy Change Cream, available from The Natural Nursery priced at £6.95 for an 81g tube that should last several months.