11 Tips For Washing Reusable Nappies

Reusable Nappies at the Natural Nursery1) Dry on the line

Save money and energy costs by drying your reusable nappies on the washing line – if you are lucky enough to get a very sunny day the UV rays will bleach the material giving you glowing white nappies.

2) Save on conditioner

Fabric conditioner coats each fibre of the material that makes up a nappy – this stops them from absorbing any liquid.

3) Quick Fluffy Nappies

For a quick fluff up on cotton nappies pop them in the tumble dryer for a minute every so often.

4) Forget the Boil Wash.

With modern detergents you can get real nappies just as clean at lower temperatures, especially if they have been soaked first.

5) Put the Iron Away

Reusable nappies work best when they are NOT ironed because ironing flattens the fibres and makes them less absorbent.

6) Get a bucket (with a lid)

Some people wet pail (keeping the nappies in the bucket in water) and some dry pail but whichever way you choose you will need a bucket with a lid to store dirty nappies until they are ready to tip into the machine.

7) Use a Mesh

A nappy mesh is a bag that fits inside the bucket to make washing real nappies easier. Just put the whole thing into your washing machine but leave it untied so the nappies can work themselves out as they get clean.
8) Tea Tree Oil

A few drops of tea tree oil inside the nappy bucket, or even in the wash will help to neutralise smells and as it is naturally anti bacterial it will help to sterilise the nappies too – you only need a couple of drops!

9) Use a Nappy Liner

Washable or disposable, nappy liners are vital. With fleece ones the poo just falls off down the toilet and if the nappy itself is not wet you can just put in another liner.

10) Reusable wipes

Washable wipes are just as good as disposable ones.  Wet them under the tap with warm water before you use them, or soak in chamomile tea for nappy rash.

11) Don’t Dry on the Radiator

Cotton nappies can dry very hard on a radiator – if you have to radiator dry consider bamboo nappies because they stay fluffy.

There is more advice and help about cloth nappies at www.naturalnursery.co.uk including a free guide to real nappies. If you have any other tips about washing and drying reusable nappies please add a comment.