£30 discount on cloth nappies from Staffordshire County Council

Cloth Nappies at the Natural NurseryThe facts

  • Eight million nappies are thrown away every day in the UK – that’s three billion every year
  • One baby creates nearly a tonne of nappy waste during its time in disposable nappies
  • Disposable nappies can cost in excess of £1000 – that’s just for one baby
  • It costs Staffordshire’s council tax payers over £500,000 per year to dispose of 13,000 tonnes of nappy waste

The real alternative

  • Real savings. The total cost of using washable nappies can be half that of using disposables. Save up to £600, or more if you use real nappies on your next baby
  • Real rubbish reduction. By choosing real nappies you could reduce your household rubbish by half.

Local suppliers and useful contacts

The Staffordshire New Nappy Network is a community group of concerned mums and dads who are working towards raising awareness of the environmental benefits of reusable nappies.

You can visit their website to obtain information on:

To promote the use of washable nappies, Staffordshire County Council is offering a £30 discount.

To claim your one-off discount your child must be between 0-24 months and a resident of Staffordshire. Simply print off this washable nappies discount form:

If you need more information on the real nappy incentive, please call 0800 232323 or email recycling@staffordshire.gov.uk with your enquiry.

For help and advice about choosing the best cloth nappy for your baby please visit www.naturalnursery.co.uk and if Staffordshire is not your area check the list of Nappy Incentives as there could be one near you.