Beautiful New Pop-In Nappies at the Natural Nursery!

Pop-In Nappy + BambooThe Pop-In washable nappy is a unique cross between an all-in-one nappy and a two part system that is almost as easy to use as a disposable nappy.

The outer cover has a built in absorbent panel: simply pop the soaker and bamboo booster in, ready to put on your baby just as you would a disposable nappy.

This highly flexible system allows you to adjust the absorbency to your baby’s needs and with the addition of the night time booster you have a complete nappy system that will last you day and night, from birth to potty.

Pop-In Nappy + Bamboo      £11.99 (normal price £14.99) from the Natural Nursery.

Pop-In nappies also come printed with cheeky monkey faces!