disana Organic Cotton Nappies – customer review

One of our lovely customers has left this amazing review for the disana tie-on nappies – sounds like she really likes them!

I’ve got 5 different types of cotton nappies at home for my 9 month old twins and I must say that these nappies are the best! Never leaked, much easier to put on wriggly babies than nappies with nappi nippas (they are very sharp!), certainly less bulky and perefct for night-time use too. Any booster can be used with them and as many as you like, and they’re so quick to dry on the line even in this cold weather. And if you need any more good points they’re great value for money. I spent over £300 buying a birth to potty kit of nappies (20 in total) and 10 of these napies cost just over £20 – bargain!
I wish I’d found these nappies earlier and throughly reccommend them.

You can find the review on the disana cloth nappy page on our site – best of all they only cost £2.25 per nappy and they are made from lovely organic cotton.