Reusable nappies are now just as easy as a disposable nappies!

All in one nappies

All in one nappies

For a long time, all-in-one reusable nappies weren’t a convenient option: they were bulky, awkward to use and would take forever to dry.

Years of product development – Yes can you believe it, there is such a thing as research in reusable nappies! We’ve moved a long way from my little brother’s plastic wraps and that’s thanks to the people in the real nappy business working hard to make our life easier and our babies’ bottoms more comfortable. Years of research have led to the development of new material, like the Tots Bots’ fluffle microfibre fabric, and innovative designs to make real nappies nappy easier to use and more reliable.

Extremely soft to the touch and ultra absorbent, the fabric is combined with an innovative nappy shape which makes it both all-in-one and one-size (meaning you only one nappy from birth to 35lbs).

This all-in-one reusable nappy is just as easy as a disposable nappy!

It is a great product to convince a reluctant partner, or to be used by less frequent carers, grand parents, babysitters…

The all in one nappies will also be very convenient once your child is ready for potty training as they are quick to put on and off. For the same reason, they are a good choice for parents choosing natural infant hygiene.

If you are out and about a lot with your baby, all in one reusable nappies will allow quick nappy changes.

The Tots Bots Easy Fit nappy is slim, absorbent and dries quickly.

It is versatile as it can be used from birth to 35lbs and can be used day and night with an additional booster.

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