Epsom & Ewell Borough Council Real Nappy Trial Kit

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council does not favour any one brand of nappies.  We believe that only you can make the decision on which nappies best suit you, your baby and family.  The nappies included within the trial kit are examples of nappy styles available.  You may find that your local nappy stockist sell a similar style under a different brand name.

What’s in a kit?

There are 24 trial kits available in Surrey and each one holds everything you need to road test Real Nappies on your baby.  There are a range of Real Nappy types including flat nappies, shaped nappies, pocket and all-in-one nappies.  We also include waterproof wraps, flushable and washable liners, washable wipes, nappy soak, wet bags, a laundry mesh and a nappy bucket.  Go Real are unable to guarantee a specific brand of nappy but all of the main types will be covered and so you will be able to make an informed choice based on the trial.

How will I know how everything works?

Each kit is managed by a trial kit host who will explain to you everything that is in the kit and how to use it.  There will also be a DVD, information leaflet and guide in each kit so if you can’t remember anything when you get home you will have some tools to help you.  You can also give the Go Real team a call at any time during your trial for advice on 0800 328 81751, it is free to call them and they can make sure that you talk to someone who has used Real Nappies themselves.  Alternatively you can email them your query to: advice@goreal.org.uk.


How do I get a Kit?

photo of trial kit

All you need to do is ring Go Real free of charge on 0800 328 81751 or email us at advice@goreal.org.uk.  We will then put you in touch with your nearest trial kit host.  Alternatively you can find the one closest to you using the map below and give them a call directly.  You will need to arrange to pick up the trial kit from the host and when you meet up they will arrange a time for you to bring back the kit.  Once your trial is completed Go Real will contact you to get some feedback on how you found the service and to find out whether you intend to use Real Nappies.

For more information about trial kits email GoRealvisit their website or call them on 0800 328 8175.