Flip Reusable Nappies – So easy to use!

Flip Nappies at the Natural NurseryFlip washable nappies are very easy to use and consist of a waterproof outer layer and an absorbent inner.

You can choose whether to use a stay-dry insert, an organic cotton insert or a disposable insert.

If you have organic cotton inserts, wash them several times to ensure they are fully absorbent.

To use the Flip Nappy System

FLIP the used insert into your nappy bucket
REPLACE the insert with a clean one
REUSE the cover

First – adjust the nappy cover to the size required:

flip washable nappy user guide

Adjust the insert as required:

Organic cotton insert: can be folded one way for a newborn and the other way to make a longer pad for older baby.

Flip nappy instruction

Stay-dry insert: follow the embroidered folding lines on the insert:

flip real nappy user guide


Fit the insert under the flaps at the back and front of the cover.  The flaps will hold the insert securely in place.

If you are using organic cotton inserts, you may like to use a paper liner, most parents don’t need to with the stay-dry inserts.

Put the nappy on your baby just as you would a disposable nappy, checking the legs openings and waist to ensure a good fit.

When you are ready to change your baby, toss the used insert into your nappy bucket (you can flick any solids straight down the loo).

Wipe out the nappy cover and pop in a new insert before replacing on your baby.

You can reuse the nappy cover up to 5 times before washing.

Natural Nursery customer Jenny liked the look of the nappies and said they were not as ‘plasticy as she imagined’. She also said they come in  ‘Great colours, and are good value compared to some other nappy systems’