Free Real Nappy Trial Pack for Wealden Parents

Real Nappies at the Natural NurseryThe trial pack is available to Wealden’s parents to borrow free of charge for approximately one month, allowing them to try washable nappies and see which ones suit them best before they purchase a set. The pack includes a wide range of the different types of modern washable nappies on the market, including some nappies made from bamboo, which is a greener alternative to cotton. The trial pack is available in two sizes – Birth to six months and six months to potty.

Types of Nappies

There are three different types of washable nappies currently available on the market:

  • Prefold nappies – these are flat squares of cloth which are folded and placed into a waterproof cover
  • Shaped nappies – these have a neat, precise fit with either poppers or velcro. They come in various sizes or a one size fits all from birth to potty, where the size is adjusted with poppers at the front or back of the nappy. They are then placed in a waterproof outer cover which comes in various different sizes.
  • All-in-one nappies – These are available in various sizes and have a built in waterproof outer cover.

The different types of nappies included in these packs are:

Birth to six months trial packSix months to potty trial pack

How to order a trial pack

We currently have five birth to six month trial packs and two six month to potty trial packs available so there may be a slight delay of approximately a month or two before we are able to issue the nappies. Please note all the nappies are laundered to NHS standards.

If you would like to try our nappy trial pack, please contact the Waste Management Team on 01892 602626.

For more information about the different types of cloth nappies or to see the wide variety of beautiful cloth nappies for sale please visit