Gen-Y Classic Nappy Wrap Review from The Natural Nursery

O wearing the GenY Classic Nappy WrapOne of our lovely customers has just sent in this review of the Gen-Y Classic Nappy Wrap.
Marks: 9/10.  Tested on O, 13 months 23lbs

My first impressions of this wrap were how funky it looked, the free range pattern consists of multicoloured chicken, I thought it was fab and quickly became one of my favourite looking wraps!
We have used this wrap almost every day for the past 10days over Totsbots Bamboozles Stretch and Classic, and it quickly became the one I would reach for first. Like a lot of wraps it dries quickly when washed so you can get a lot of use out of it. It’s done up with poppers on the sides which may not be ideal for the sausage fingered dads out there (my other half really struggles with them), but are excellent if you have a little Houdini baby who can get out of any Velcro nappy!
O is a short but stocky baby and some wraps can be a little tight around his chubby legs, I found the fact the waist and the legs can be adjusted separately was excellent, it meant I could let the legs out as loose as possible and I didn’t have any problems with this wrap digging into his legs at all. However, I think the fact this wrap does not have leg gussets means it may not be ideal for containing newborn explosions, particularly if you are breastfeeding, for this reason alone it lost 1 mark, but for an older baby it would be absolutely perfect and we didn’t have any leaks!
I will have to get a larger size for O when he outgrows this because I just adore it. I would highly recommend this wrap, I have tried at least 5 others and this is in the top 2 for me.
O’s mum.

GEN-Y Classic Nappy Wraps are the waterproof part of a 2-part nappy system and will work with fitted/shaped nappies, terry squares and pre-fold nappies.

They provide a gentle, snug fit and are virtually leak proof.

They are made with an inner layer of PUL waterproof fabric which is soft and flexible – no crackly pants.

They nappy wrap has gathering at the waist and legs to keep all the contents in.

The edges are bound in soft, non wicking jersey for a comfortable, leak-free fit on your baby.

The cotton outer is not laminated to the wrap, so you get the lovely feel of the cotton fabric without the risk of wicking.

These nappy covers fasten with snaps, making them hard for toddler to undo and providing excellent air circulation to keep your baby cool. The snaps are on the side of the nappy cover, giving fantastic adjustability on the legs and waist settings so you can get the fit you need.

You can see the range of funky fabric designs available at