Little Green Chicken Reviews Pocket Nappies

BumGenius Nappies at the Natural NurseryKatrina is the mum behind the Little Green Chicken blog – she says:

“The aim of this blog is to share ‘sustainable baby raising’ knowledge I’ve learned since becoming a mum. The information I’ve found is all over the place, and I thought it would be nice to put it all in one place to make things a little bit easier for others starting out on the same path.
Oh, and where did the name come from? Since birth our little one has reminded us of a baby bird – the way she opens and closes her mouth just like a baby bird when she’s hungry. From baby bird to little chicken, the nickname has stuck. And we try to bring up our little chicken in the most sustainable or green way we can, so there it is, littlegreenchicken!”

She reviews the BumGenius pocket nappy, which is one of the best selling real nappies at the Natural Nursery  in this post :

“The 4.0 comes with two inserts, so you can add extra absorbancy as your baby needs it. So far we have only used one and it’s been fine. You can just throw the nappy in the wash (after removing it from your baby) and during washing the insert makes it way out of the nappy. After drying all you need to do is stuff the insert back in and away you go. So all in all a good nappy and I can’t see how any day care provider would have a problem with using it, super simple to put on and a fairly leak proof option.”

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