Local Real Nappy Incentives can save you ££££

Are you interested in trialing real nappies?  Why not see if you can get a cash incentive from your local council?

The Natural Nursery can help you with the paperwork – you will always receive an emailed and paper receipt from us for your reusable nappy purchase but do let us know if there is anything else you need.

We keep this list as up to date as we can on www.naturalnursery.co.uk, but this is the list as at 1st April 2012.

Please let us know if there are any schemes that have changed or if we have missed any out.

reusable nappies | washable nappies

Bournmouth Borough Council Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

Bournmouth Borough Council is currently offering £30 cash back to Bournemouth residents when you spend £45 or more on real nappies.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Bradford Real Nappy Project

Free cloth nappy starter kit – a selection of nappies for you to try at home for Bradford residents.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Bracknell Forest Council

£30 cash back


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Bristol City Council Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

£30 off the initial cost of buying reusable nappies for your baby when you spend £50 or more with a signed up retailer.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Carmarthenshire Real Nappies Campaign

Free reusable nappy trial pack for Carmarthenshire residents.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Central Bedfordshire Nappy Incentive Scheme

If you live in Central Bedfordshire (excluding Luton), Central Bedfordshire Council will give you £25 cashback when you spend over £50 purchasing washable nappies, covers or training pants from any company, or subscribe to a nappy laundry service.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Ceredigion County Council Real Nappy Incentive

Ceredigion County Council offers a free Real Nappy trial scheme for babies.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Cheshire West and Chester

One Month’s Free Nappy Laundering Service (worth £45) or up to £25 Cashback on reusable nappy purchases (half of the amount spent, up to a maximum of £25)


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Cumbria Real Nappy Scheme

£35 voucher to spend on reusable nappies.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Darlington Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

£25 cash back to residents who register. Applicants must be a Darlington resident and be able to provide a receipt for purchase of a pack of real nappies (cash back is available on purchases of over £50 on real nappies)


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Derbyshire Time For Change Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

£25 cash back when spending over £50 on real nappies and covers and a two week trial of a nappy lending kit, which costs £5./p>


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Dorset County Council

Parents can apply for a £30 voucher from the county council. When the voucher is sent to them, a list of Dorset retailers will also be included. Parents can spend their voucher with one of the retailers listed. This includes the option to use the voucher with a nappy laundry scheme. The voucher will expire after two months.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Parents living in the borough can claim £30 when they spend over £50 on washable nappies or accessories


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council

Real Nappy Trial Kit.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Essex Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

Essex residents can currently benefit from two promotional offers: Sample nappy pack for £10 or a £10 refund


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Exeter Reusable Nappy Trial

If you live in Exeter, you can borrow a full set of washable nappies, including some of the most popular brands in the UK, for a whole month, absolutely FREE.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

States of Guernsey Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

A £35 voucher towards the purchase of real nappies from the Public Services Department.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Gwynedd Council Real Nappies

A pack of real nappies worth £30, or a voucher worth £30 to be spent on real nappies with local suppliers.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Highland Real Nappy Project

Real Nappy Starter Packs with a retail value of over £70 are currently available to Highland Council residents for only £15 (£5 for famiies using Healthy Start vouchers).


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Isle of Wight Real Nappy Network

Our nappy “Library” of over 20 different makes and styles is available for viewings to help you make your mind up. Parents can have a two week free hire nappy trial (pick-up charge of £4.95 and a refundable deposit of £15 required)


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Leeds City Council Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

Parents can either get a free trial pack or £30 cash back when they spend £50 on real nappies.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Leicestershire Real Nappy Network

£30 cash back and a lending kit to borrow.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Lincolnshire Real Nappy Campaign

The Lincolnshire Real Nappy Campaign is offering £30 cashback off your purchase of real nappies.Download an application form here


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Real Nappies for London

This London-wide scheme is to provide parents with an opportunity to try real nappies. Check the list of boroughs on the Real Nappies for London websiteto see if your borough has joined the scheme.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Luton Borough Council

Expectant or new parents can apply for a cash back sum of £40 against the purchase of real nappies, and covers from any company, or subscribe to a nappy laundering service subject to proof of purchase, i.e., till receipts. The minimum spend on real nappies before qualification for the cash back is £50.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Manchester Real Nappy Campaign

A free month-long trial of Cottontails Nappy Laundry Service


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Medway Council Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

£30 incentive.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Norfolk Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

Norfolk County Council offer £30 cash back for parents who use washable nappies. You must spend £45 or more on washable nappies, liners, wraps, trainer pants or a nappy laundry service.

To apply, your child must be resident in Norfolk and aged between 0 and 24 months


reusable nappies | washable nappies

North East Lincolnshire Council

We will refund parents and carers in North East Lincolnshire half the set up costs of Real nappies, up to £50.

For example if you spend £60 – we pay back £30, if you spend £120 – we pay back £50


reusable nappies | washable nappies

North Somerset Council Real Nappy Incentive

Free hire kits that contain a range of nappies that have been chosen by local sellers as being the best on the market. You can hire a kit for free for two weeks.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Northumberland Cloth Nappy Incentives

Free hire kits that contain a range of nappies that have been chosen by local sellers as being the best on the market. You can hire a kit for free for two weeks.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Nottinghamshire Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

Nottinghamshire County Council is currently offering £25 cash back (one per household) to Nottinghamshire residents when you spend £50 or more on real nappies.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Northamptonshire County Council

For every purchase made of real cotton nappies exceeding £60 from any retailer or online store, eco-friendly parents can claim £25 back.Offer of £25 cashback applies to either an order totalling £60.00 or more on washable nappies (excluding accessories, eg nappy buckets).


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Oldham Council Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

You can get a 1 month free trial with a nappy laundry service or a free 2-week trial using a home laundry kit. If you decide to buy real nappies you can apply for a £30 voucher to help with the cost.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Oxfordshire Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

If you live in Oxfordshire and would like to give cloth nappies a try, but are unsure about paying out for a full set, you can borrow a trial kit completely free of charge and with no obligation to buy.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Reading Borough Council Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

If you live in Reading Borough and give them a receipt for real nappies you have bought you can claim £30 back.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Sandwell Cloth Nappy Cash Back Scheme

To help with buying new nappies Sandwell Council would like to say thank you by offering you £30 towards the cost of buying cloth nappies.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Sheffield Real Nappy Project

A £10 contribution, from Sheffield City Council is available for residents of Sheffield who purchase Real Nappies through the Sheffield Real Nappy Network


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Shetland Isles Real Nappies

Cashback on real nappies purchased. if you keep receipts of two real nappy purchases spread over six months or otherwise prove that you have been using them, you will receive £30 back.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Staffordshire New Nappy Network

To promote the use of washable nappies, Staffordshire County Council is offering a £30 discount.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Stevenage Borough Council Real Nappy Cashback Scheme

£50 Real Nappy Cashback Scheme for Stevenage Residents


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Suffolk Real Nappy Network

Trial Kids – each kit contains an assortment of nappies and wraps. This service is available to members of the Nappy Network. Anyone can become a member for just £12.99 a year. Hire Charges: 2 weeks for £28. We will request a £50 refundable deposit on each hire to cover any loss or damage to the kits.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Surrey Waste Partnership

Free information pack containing a DVD and Real Nappy Guide. Free real nappy trial kit so that you can decide which type are best for you


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Tamworth Borough Council Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

A financial reward of up to £30 per child is available for using cloth nappies from Tamworth Borough Council through Staffordshire County Council.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Three Rivers District Council Cashback for Real Nappy Users

If you buy your own real nappies and wash them at home we offer up to £50 towards the cost.If you choose to sign up to a nappy laundering service for at least 6 months we will give you £80 towards the cost.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Thurrock Council Nappy Incentive Scheme

Thurrock Council supports the use of real nappies by offering a £10 voucher off of the price of real nappies.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Uttlesford District Council Nappy Incentive

£10 for a Real Nappy Trial kit worth £25 and a £10 voucher to spend on reusable nappies.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Wakefield Council Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

Wakefield Council Real Nappy Scheme offers parents the opportunity to try real nappies, with free nappy packs or a cash payment towards the cost of a different choice of washable nappy.

You can claim up to £20 off a trial kit OR £40 of a birth to potty kit.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Watford Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

If you use washable re-usable nappies or join a nappy laundering service you will be reimbursed with a one-off payment of up to £50 per family towards the cost. Children must be under 2 years of age.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Wealden District Council Real Nappy Trial

Free Real Nappy Trial Pack for one month.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

West Berkshire Council

West Berkshire Council funds several trial buckets containing Real Nappies for parents to try for two weeks.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Wokingham Borough Council Reusable Nappy Incentive Scheme

Wokingham Borough Council offer a £30 cash back incentive scheme.


reusable nappies | washable nappies

Wolverhampton Real Nappy Incentive Scheme

£30 cash back on production of an original receipt, to prove that you have purchased real nappies. (Minimum purchase of £30 required per child)./p>