Mummy and Sam’s BIG Re-usable Challenge!!!

Real Napies at the Natural NurseryThis is from the blog of a mum Alice, from Nottinghamshire who is trying out reusable nappies.  Her blog “Mummy, Not Big Milk Thing” is stuffed full of interesting articles, especially this one:

“So what do I want from a cloth nappy? Well I think I want what many consumers are looking for, simplicity. I don’t want to be confused by jargon and bogged down having to mess around for hours just to have clean nappies to put on my baby – I don’t have time and quite frankly I’m too lazy! We all like disposable because we take them out of the packet, slap it on the baby and then off it comes after and we can forget about it. We have a reluctance to change this system because it works for us, its easy and if something is much more complicated than that, well we are bound to just give up, right?
So I need something simple and easy to use, I also need something that I can rely on and that isn’t going to fail me at a crucial moment – so far with disposable it seems that every time Sam poos his outfit inevitably ends up soaking in the sink in the hope that the stains wont set and it can be worn again.
Most importantly I need a nappy that Sam is comfortable in and that isn’t going to leave me with a grumpy baby or one that needs changing every five minutes, especially when out and about.”

Alice chose to try prefold nappies to start with and her blog talks about how easy they were to use:

“Why they are called prefold I’m not sure because on best description they are like a small really thin duvet that you have to fold and shape and put into the wrap, which is waterproof on the inside and soft fabric on the outside and this part looks more like a conventional nappy”

Day 2 of the real nappy trial is titled ‘Confidence needed’. Alice decides she needs to put as much confidence in the cloth nappies as she does disposibles which constantly fail her.  She also writes about the need to educate her hubby!

I can’t wait for the next installment!

Did you start with cloth nappies or disposables? If you are using disposables and fancy trying reusables there are lots of council incentive schemes that could help you to try before you buy or even give you money off vouchers.