Do nurseries use cloth nappies?

Cloth Nappies at the Natural NurseryThis is part of an article by Hilary Osborne in the Guardian Friday 15 July 2011. The full article is on the Guardian Website.

We know that using real nappies can save you hundreds but I didn’t know that nurseries have a problem using them – when my son was tiny as long as I brought a waterproof nappy bag, a clean nappy and showed them how to use the cloth nappy it was never a problem to ask a creche to change his real nappy.
Have you had any problems with nurseries or childminders only using disposables?

“Surveys suggest you’ll spend over £9,000 on a child’s first 12 months. Nonsense, says Hilary Osborne, you can do it for much less. “

Last May, ahead of my maternity leave, I wrote about how I’m a bit of a cheapskate, and that I was going to resist all the attempts to part new mums from their cash. One reader remarked that asking an expectant mother for tips on having a cheap baby was similar to asking someone who didn’t yet have a garden to give gardening tips. Few believed my prediction that with careful budgeting I would spend no more than £300 or so. I now realise that perhaps that was naive.

My main nappies have been reusable. Having intended to use a £50 voucher from Haringey council to try a laundry service, I then decided it would be better invested in nappies I could keep. I didn’t start until Wyn was three months old and was conscious that most nurseries won’t use them, so I didn’t want to invest too heavily. Through eBay, scouting out special offers, and nappy swaps I managed to get hold of 16 nappies and all the accessories needed for £105. I’m unsure if this is going to save me money, but I feel better when I look in the bin.

For more information about cloth nappies or to see a list of incentives like the Haringay Council one please visit the Natural Nursery.