Using the Wonderoos pocket reusable nappies in 5 questions

wonderoos-pocket-nappiesQ: How many Wonderoos reusable nappies do I need?

We recommend buying a set of reusable nappies between 15-20, depending on how often you wash them. The less cloth nappies you buy the more often you will need to wash them. To use the Wonderoos nappies full time, we recommend around 18 Wonderoos nappies. At Natural Nursery, they are sold with boosters so you don’t need to worry about that.

Q: What else do I need?

A: The fleece chosen for the Wonderoos nappies will let you slide the poo in the toilet. Flushable nappy liners aren’t really needed but can make nappy changes easier, especially for breastfeeding babies. You will need a container to keep the soiled nappies until the next wash. Washable wipes can be washed along with the nappies and represent big savings, compared to disposables.

Q: How often should I change baby’s Wonderoos?

A: As with all nappies, Wonderoos should be changed when soiled or every 3-4 hours during the day time. Wonderoos should be washed after every use.

Q: Are Wonderoos suitable for night time use?

A: Yes, most babies can wear Wonderoos real nappies at night time. If your baby sleeps through the night their night nappy will need to last around 12 hours without leaks rather than 3-4 hours in the day time. To add additional absorbency to the nappy without making it too bulky, an extra nappy booster can be pleased underneath the usual inserts. We recommend buying 3 or 4 boosters.

Q: What nappy creams should I use?

A: Babies wearing reusable nappies don’t need nappy cream regularly. However if your baby has a nappy rash you can use a non-greasy cream such as Green Baby Nappy Balm will soothe the skin. Greasy nappy creams will stick to the nappy lining causing leaks and permanent damage.

Q: How long will Wonderoos last?
A: Hip Hip Baby! manufacture Wonderoos using highly durable fabrics. They should last through one baby’s time in nappies and may well last for another baby if properly cared for. They are made with popper fastening rather than velcro to keep the nappy from suffering excess wear and tear during washing.