Pocket nappies: real nappies, really easy

pocket-nappiesIn our quick guide to the real nappy world, we briefly mentioned pocket nappies. Here is in more detail what they’re all about.

A pocket nappy is just what it says: a pocket. The pocket is shaped like a disposable nappy and composed of a fleece layer and a waterproof layer.

The fleece layer is usually ultra soft fleece fabric. It is designed to draw the moisture away from your baby’s skin, keeping it dry. This reduces the risk of irritation, especially for babies with sensitive skin. Poo doesn’t attach to the fleece so it can easily be disposed of in the toilet.

The waterproof layer of the real nappy is composed of PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric). It provides the waterproof barrier needed and can survive numerous washings. It is stretchy and thin enough to be comfortable for babies.

The pocket nappies can be fastened by velcro or poppers. The poppers have the additional benefit of not ‘catching’ the fabric, especially in the wash allowing nappies to be more durable.

Inside the pocket, you can choose what nappy insert to stuff in. For a small baby, a small insert is enough. For a larger baby, a large insert on its own will do. For toddlers you will need to combine a large insert with a small one. For night time use, you can even ‘boost’ the absorbency by adding an additional nappy booster. Nappy boosters, especially those made of hemp or bamboo, will allow your pocket nappy to be use through the night.

Pocket nappies can be used just like disposable nappies and that’s what makes them such a sensible option. When they’ve been washed and dried, add the appropriate inserts and fold the nappies. Use as you would use a disposable nappy. When the nappy needs changing, just pop the poo in the toilet, rinse, and store in a bucket until your next wash. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil, a natural disinfectant.

Pocket nappies are ideal for nurseries and childminders or anyone looking after your baby who might not be familiar with a two-part nappy system. They are ideal in hard water areas as the nappy or if you have very limited space to dry the nappies. The nappy is best air dried but the booster and inserts can be given a quick turn in the tumble drier when they’re almost dry. The Wonderoos pocket nappies in particular are shaped to look fairly slim.