New! Wonderoos pocket reusable nappies, super easy to use!

wonderoos-nappies2You will love these new Wonderoos pocket reusable nappies!

Pocket nappies are easy to use, easy to wash, easy to change, and these ones come with an added benefit: they are one-size. For most children, you will be able to use the same set of reusable nappies from birth to toddler 8lb – 35lb (3.5Kg – 16Kg). If you have two children in nappies at the same time, you can also use the same set of nappies, making everyone’s life even easier!

So why use Wonderoos reusable nappies?

  1. Birth to potty nappies – the same nappy can be adjusted to fit babies from birth to toddler.
  2. Adjustable for a perfect fit – The Wonderoos have an innovative three-setting system to adjust to the baby’s shape and size perfectly. The stretchy fabric both inside and outside the nappy ensures even more comfort.
  3. Comfortable – The stretchy fabric adjust to the baby’s shape for more comfort. The unique seam binding leaves no red mark on baby’s legs. The inner fleece is extremely soft, keeping baby dry and comfy.
  4. Easy to use pocket nappies – Pocket reusable nappies are extremely easy to use. They can be ‘stuffed’ in advance and used exactly like disposable nappies.
  5. Easy to wash and dry – The insert can be removed for washing which shortens the drying time. Ideal for hard water areas. If need be the inserts can be tumbled dried.
  6. Durable reusable nappy – It wears very well, wash after wash.
  7. Fashionable colours – The Wonderoos reusable nappies are available in a wide range of colours from soft pink and blue to bright red.
  8. Suitable for night time use – With the addition of nappy inserts and booster, the Wonderoos can be used at night.
  9. Very good value – One set of reusable nappies from birth to potty, for one or two children, for day time or night time use. Very good value indeed!
  10. Ideal nappy to use at the childminder or nursery. The Wonderoos pocket nappies are so easy to use, they are ideal for childminders or nurseries. The poo can be flushed the toilet and the nappy closed with the poppers. Store in a nappy bag until it’s time to go home.