Real Nappy Week Tips

Another tip to make Real Nappies Real Easy for you, Real Nappy Week 2012.

I always use a nappy liner inside my cloth nappies – it makes it easier to dispose of the solids, helps to protect the nappy from staining and keeps the baby’s bottom drier.

You can buy paper liners that you either flush down the loo or dispose of in the bin but I prefer to use fleece nappy liners as:

  • They are super soft and dry to the touch even when the nappy is wet, so very comfortable for your baby
  • The are reusable, so better for the environment
  • Are very cost-effective, so better for your pocket

To use a fleece nappy liner, just place it in the nappy on top of any boosters etc, so that it is the layer next to your baby’s skin.

At nappy change time, the wet liner goes in the nappy bucket along with the cloth nappy – any solids should just flick off the liner straight down the loo. If necessary, rinse the nappy liner in the flush.

Making your own fleece nappy liners is very simple, I made mine out of an old fleece blanket. If you don’t have one, you can pick one up cheaply at charity shops, car boot sales or discount stores in town.

I chose a bright stripe fabric as it is easier to cut – just follow the lines!

As a rough guide, a size 1 liner should measure 25cm x 10cm and a size 2 about 32cm x 12cm . You may need to play around with the sizing to fit your nappy/baby: you want the fleece liner to cover the majority of the nappy but not add too much extra bulk.

To make your own fleece nappy liners:

  1. Lay your fleece fabric/blanket out and cut along one of the lines to make a strip of fabric your chosen width.
  2. Cut the strip into your chosen lengths.
  3. My fabric is a picnic rug, so I had to unpick the blanket stitch edging.
  4. Snip a small triangle off each corner as this will make the liner lie flatter in the nappy.

These fleece nappy liners are really very simple to make but if you would rather buy them, The Natural Nursery sells Devon made fleece liners in their online shop.