Wondering about leaks with the Wonderoos reusable nappies?

reusable-nappiesWonderoos are reliable reusable nappies for babies of different ages and shapes. Here are few things to consider if leaks do occur.

If the leak happens shortly after the nappy change, the issue is most likely due to the fit. Run your finder around the leg opening of the Wonderoos reusable nappies. It should be snug but not too tight. You may need to change the size setting to the next size up.

If the leaks occurs after a couple of hours it is likely to be due to not being absorbent enough. Check the inserts: if they are soaking wet you need to use an additional nappy insert or change the reusable nappies more often.

Check that baby’s clothing is not too tight and pressing against the nappy causing ‘wicking’ (drawing up liquid like a candle-wick).

Your reusable nappies absorbency might have been reduced by improper washing, use of nappy cream, fabric softener. There might be a build up of detergent in the fibres of the nappies. Try soaking the nappies with bicarbonate soda or white vinegar and washing them in the washing machine at 60C.

If you’re experiencing leaks with a newborn while using the small insert, you could try using the large one instead. You will need to fold the insert over at the front a little to get it to fit into the nappy on its smallest setting.

Some parents worry that the fleece sticks out at the legs and waist of the Wonderoos reusable nappies and that this might cause leaks. Actually this design ensures your baby’s comfort and avoids leaving red marks on the skin. The fleece is not absorbent and will not draw up liquid so will not cause the nappies to leak. If they do leak at the back or leg it is most likely due to the inserts getting too wet. Change baby’s nappy more frequently or use a booster.