Reusable nappy: how many should I buy?

reusable nappy

reusable nappy

You’ve decided that wearing a reusable nappy will be better for your baby. Congratulations on your choice. Now comes the next question, how many cloth nappies do I need to buy?

There is no hard and fast rule, the answer will depend on a few factors:

  • How old is your baby? Newborns need to be changed 8 to10 times a day so choosing quick washing nappies like terry or muslin nappies will save you time and money. Breastfed babies can be prone to liquid poo so you might want to plan a couple of extra waterproof wraps.
  • Will you be using a reusable nappy for every change or part of the time?
  • How often are you planning to wash your nappies? Every 1 to 3 days is the average. Will you wash the nappies separately or add them to your regular laundry?
  • How will you dry the nappies? Tumble drying is quick but more expensive.
  • What type of nappies will you be using? Flat nappies are quick to wash and dry but all-in-one take longer.

How many reusable nappies do I need to buy? The answer depends on the type of reusable nappy, on your child, and how you will be washing them. To allow for washing and drying time plus a few cloth nappies in stock, you can use these numbers as a guide:

  • 20-25 nappies for a newborn
  • 15-20 for a baby 6 months+
  • plus around 5 waterproof covers as they do not need to be changed every time.

Choosing a combination of slow drying and quick drying nappies can help you save money. It seems a lot but remember, switching to reusable nappy can save you £500 on average for a first child.