A reusable organic nappy for £2.25. Really?

save money with organic reusable nappyDid you ever think it was possible to find a reusable ORGANIC nappy for £2.25? They’re even cheaper if you buy them by pack of 5, pretty much the price of a standard reusable nappy.

More ways Disana tie on organic nappy will save you money:

  • The soft fabric adjusts easily for babies of different sizes and shapes, slim or chubby legs alike, ideal if you’re planning to use the nappies for younger siblings.
  • It is one size from birth to potty so you can use the same nappies for years. For a newborn, fold the nappy over at the back and front to adjust it to suit your baby. If you do buy other reusable nappies as your baby grows (see note below about wrigglers!) they still make convenient back up nappies or extra stock for those days when every single reusable nappies are in the wash.

The Disana tie-on reusable nappy is an under-rated nappy. The knitted organic cotton is extremely soft. It feels like a snuggly sweater, something you do feel comfortable wrapping around your baby’s bottom.

They are made in Europe with no poppers or aplix it is a sturdy and simple reusable nappy.

The Disana tie on nappies aren’t among the most absorbent but as they are slim, it is easy to add a nappy booster.

These nappies can be fiddly to put on at first, especially with a wriggly baby. With the instructions and a bit of practice, you will soon get used to it. You can also cut the ties (be careful not to cut the nappy itself, just the ties) and use a nippa to secure it. Make sure the booster is placed under the nippa.

The Disana nappies are washed just as regular reusable nappies. Tie the ties loosely before washing to make sure they don’t end up twisted around your laundry.

With these nappies, you will need boosters and waterproof nappy wraps. Any of the nappy wraps will be suitable, including the Disana knitted wrap made of organic merino wool.