Review of Flip Washable Nappy System

flip reusable nappy systemReview of Flip Reusable Nappy

Carried out by SC, a committed user of natural fibre nappies, on her 2 month old baby.

Thank you for the nappy, we’ll definitely keep on using it.

For my first baby I spent what amounted to weeks searching for the most environmentally sound, locally-produced, sustainably-grown fabric nappies I could find, so I hadn’t ever considered buying a nappy like this which is made from man-made polyester and nylon.

For this trial on my second son I was therefore a bit wary of using such a nappy, but had read various rave reviews of bumGenius nappies and definitely liked the idea of being able to reuse the outer, so thought I should see what they can do! 

The stay-dry insert does a fairly good job of soaking up a small baby’s wee (as does the organic cotton insert which has stayed soft after washing) and I was impressed that indented fold lines and small/medium/large are marked on the liner so you know exactly where to fold to fit it into the outer.  I was a bit concerned that the inner didn’t seem very secure under the flaps as there is no system for fastening it into place in the outer other than a flap at front and back, but the flaps did seem to do their job.

In terms of ease of use, it is a simple concept and there are no fiddly strings or scratchy hook and loop closures to rub on the baby’s stomach as with some of my other nappies and my partner found it easy to use the nappy.

This did seem fairly slim-fitting, which could be useful when the baby starts wearing all his cousin (a disposable nappywearer)’s hand-me-down high street chain trousers, which never fit over cloth nappies. 

A not too complicated alternative to eco-disposables if our son was spending the day at his grandma’s for instance.

The Flip real nappy can be bought from The Natural Nursery with prices starting from £13.95 for a nappy cover and stay dry insert, as reviewed here.