Reusable nappies don’t have to cost the earth, terry nappies…

terry-nappiesMany parents are concerned that reusable nappies require a big upfront investment. You know you will save money in the long run (at least £600 for a first child, more for a second child according to the research) but starting off isn’t always easy.

To help you get started, we thought we would highlight some cloth nappy bargains and great starting up options:

  • Terry nappies are simple to use, suit children of various morphologies, easy to wash and dry. A good option for newborn and young babies, perfect if you don’t have a lot of space to dry your reusable nappies. Terry nappies are easy to fold to use as boosters for pocket nappies or night nappies.
  • As mentioned earlier, the tie-on disana nappies are organic, sturdy, and fairly easy to use. At £2.02 they are the cheapest reusable nappy on the market.
  • We’re clearing out the last few Stuffables pocket nappies in size small. Available in hook and loop or poppers, they are easy to use, dry quickly. A very good option for childminders, grandparents… Just fold muslin squares, terry nappies or boosters and slide it inside the nappies.
  • When it comes to shaped nappies (nappies that are shaped like a disposable nappy, making it easier to put on), the IMSE Vimse is very good value at £5.75
  • If you own cloth nappies that aren’t absorbent enough, purchasing good quality nappy boosters will save you having to buy new nappies. The Motherease nappy boosters start at only £1.75
  • Comparatively, nappy wraps may seem more expensive. We choose to only sell well designed, high quality wraps. There is nothing worse that a nappy wrap that leaks, it would mean more laundry and would discourage you to continue with reusable nappies.

Here are some options to get started with reusable nappies without costing the earth!