Thurrock Council supports the use of real nappies with £10 voucher

Real Nappies at the Natural NurseryThurrock Council supports the use of real nappies. They’re offering a £10 voucher off of the price of real nappies.

  • For more information on the Real Nappy Campaign please contact Thurrock Council’s Waste Management Team on 01375 413943 or email

Introducing Reusable Nappies

You have seen the many brands of disposable nappies available, but have you ever thought about using reusable nappies on your child? Reusable nappies are made from soft breathable cotton and are used with a liner and a waterproof wrap , which work together to provide maximum comfort and reliability.

The benefits to the environment of using real nappies are obvious – with disposable nappies making up 2.6 of average household waste which equates to the weight of 70,000 double Decker buses that if placed end to end would reach from London to Edinburgh. (Stats from Waste Watch).

There are additional benefits for your child too. As baby is aware of wetting, potty training can be introduced earlier into their development, as well as better breath ability for babies skin. Using a nappy laundry means that you have no washing or soaking to do, and the prefold nappies that we use are effective and easy to use, with no pins and no origami needed!

Did you know?

Reusable nappies are soft, reliable and less damaging to the environment.

Your child will use an average of 5,000 disposable nappies until potty trained.

Over a third of a million disposable nappies are buried in Essex landfill sites every day.

You could save hundreds of pounds by using reusable nappies instead of disposables, with further savings being made if used on subsequent children.


To your child

  • What could be more natural than soft cotton next to your child’s skin?
  • Reusable nappies provide good padding at the base of the spine to cushion the falls while learning to walk.

To you

  • Save hundreds of pounds by using reusables. So, why throw your hard earned money in a landfill site?
  • Simple to use with excellent reliability to suit every lifestyle.

To the Environment

  • All nappies have some environmental impact, but you can reduce nappy waste using reusables.
  • Protect your environment for your child’s future.

Machine wash or launder: you choose

You have the option to machine wash your nappies at home or let someone else wash them through a laundry service.

Washing at home

  • The cheapest option, even taking into account washing powder, energy and wear and tear on the washing machine.
  • A wide choice of nappy styles.
  • A flexible washing routine that suits you.
  • Easy to wash at 60°C, with the option to line dry or tumble dry.

Laundry service

  • Sterilised prefold nappies with waterproof wraps are supplied weekly.
  • Place soiled nappies in the deodorising bin provided, which is collected when your clean nappies are delivered.
  • Convenient and simple to use especially for working parents.
  • Can cost as little as £8 per week, which is comparable to the overall cost of using disposables.

For more information about Thurrock Councils Cashback for real nappies please visit –

If you do not live in Thurrock there may be a different Real Nappy Incentive near you.