Twelve Days of a Natural Christmas – Day 11 – Mother-ease Onesize Washable Nappy

Motherease one size nappy at the Natural NurseryThe Mother-ease Onesize Washable Nappy is a birth to potty reusable nappy that will fit from 8lbs (3.5kgs) to 35lbs (16kgs).

Available in 4 fabrics to suit your baby:

Original unbleached cotton – made from 85% cotton and 15% polyester.  The fabric is specially made to ensure that only cotton touches your baby’s skin – the polyester is in the base of the fabric to give strength and fit.

Stay dry – made from the same cotton/polyester as the original nappy but with a special stay dry fabric sewn to the inside.  This extra layer ensures that moisture is quickly wicked away from the baby’s skin, leaving it dry to the touch.

Recommended for babies with sensitive skin or who are prone to nappy rash.

Organic cotton – 100% organic cotton for additional softness and plumpness.  Organic cotton is grown and processed without harsh chemicals, making it better for your baby, the farmers and the environment.

Bamboo terry – silky soft bamboo and cotton knit fabric touching your baby’s skin, with polyester in the base to add strength and fit.

Natural Nursery customer Kate said that the Motherease onesize has great containment:

“I used these nappies with my first child and liked them and am now using them on my second child.  I find them great for containing breastfed poo and aren’t as bulky as other nappies but still good and absorbent. 
The poppers make fitting the nappy to your baby easy and, unlike other ‘onesize’ nappies I have used, these really do fit small babies as well as they fit bigger babies. 
Well worth the investment as they will truly last birth to potty.”