Twelve Days of a Natural Christmas – Day 9 – GEN-Y Universal Nappy Wrap

We have had a fantastic review of the GEN-Y Universal Nappy Wrap from Jody:

“I LOVE these wraps!
I was a firm pocket user but was always quite wary of leaving them on too long and getting leaks, we tried flips but they were boring looking so someone suggested these! they are fantastic and eventually I converted to just these and some fitteds and pre-folds.
They are lovely to look at, fantastic quality, bombproof with an inner gusset, can be used over anything and I love that the rise adjustment is hidden and not on the front of the nappy.
But be warned the main con to these is that they are addictive!”

GEN-Y nappies at the Natural Nursery

There is currently free postage on them at the Natural Nursery too!