Types of Real Nappy Comparison Chart

Types of real nappy

Here at the Natural Nursery we are passionate about real nappies and we want to make it easier for you to find the very best ones for your family.


Real nappies may be sized, to cope with growing babies or one sized/birth to potty, meaning the same set of nappies should fit from around 8lbs to 35lbs, roughly the size of babies/toddlers when they are in nappies.



Flat Nappies

Terry squares or pre-folds – rectangles of fabric that can be folded in a number of ways to ensure the perfect fit for your baby.

They are highly economical, hard-wearing and are among the easiest washable nappies to care for.

The Flip Nappy System is particularly popular as it is so simple to use and comes with a range of inserts.


All-in-One Nappy

A nappy that contains both the absorbent part and the waterproof part in one, so it goes on and off the baby much like a disposable.

All-in-Ones can be sized or birth to potty and can fasten with hook and loop tape or poppers.

They can be very convenient to use, but are more expensive than other brands and may not last as long as the whole nappy has to be washed and dried each time.


2-Part Nappy

A nappy system where the absorbent and waterproof parts are separate, meaning they can be washed separately as the nappy wrap does not need to be washed each time it is used.

A 2-part shaped nappy can be sized or birth to potty.  The birth to potty versions are more common and normally adjust using rows of poppers to ensure a neat, leak free fit.


Pocket Nappy

A shaped nappy that works much like an all-in-one nappy except that the absorbent part is stuffed into a pocket in the nappy, between the lining and the waterproof cover.

This means you can add as much or as little padding as you need, and it comes out for easy washing and drying.

Again, they can be sized or birth to potty and once they have been assembled they are as easy to put on as a disposable nappy.