Washable Nappy Tips – Baby Wipes

More Washable Nappy Tips for Real Nappy Week 2012.

It is easy to spend a fortune on disposable baby wipes, when it is very simple to make and use your own washable wipes.

Even families that use disposable nappies often use reusable wipes as they are so soft on the baby, save hundreds of pounds and don’t contain any nasty chemicals.

Washable wipes can be used for all sorts of clean ups – on hands and faces, not just on bots.

I just dampen my wipes under the hot tap before using, but you could make up a special solution if you liked.

The wipes can then be popped in the nappy bucket ready for washing or just washed along with your normal laundry if you don’t use cloth nappies.

Making your own fleece washable wipes is very simple, I made mine out of an old fleece blanket. If you don’t have one, you can pick one up cheaply at charity shops, car boot sales or discount stores in town.

I chose a tartan pattern as it is easy to cut out – just follow the lines.

As a rough guide, you want the wipe to be about the size of your palm, say around 10cm x 15cm but it is really up to you.

To make your own fleece baby wipes:

  1. Lay your fleece fabric/blanket out and cut along one of the lines to make a strip of fabric your chosen width.
  2. Cut the strip into your chosen lengths.
  3. My fabric is a picnic rug, so I had to unpick the blanket stitch edging.
  4. Snip a small triangle off each corner as this will make wipe easier to hold.

These fleece washable wipes are really very simple to make but if you would rather buy them, The Natural Nursery sells Devon made fleece liners in their online shop.