Washing your wonderoos reusable nappies in 6 easy steps


Washing the Wonderoos reusable nappies is super easy.

  1. Remove the Wonderoos and put it to one side. Clean your baby and put a fresh nappy on.

  2. If the reusable nappy is soiled, hold it (waterproof side up) over the toilet and stretch the fleece. Most of the solids will drop into the toilet. If need be, hold the nappy by one corner tightly and flush the toilet to remove the rest of the solids.

  3. Shake the insert out of the reusable nappy and into your nappy bucket. Then drop in the nappy too. (If you wish, you can give them a quick rinse beforehand.)

  4. On wash day, rinse the nappies in your machine to remove soiling and urine. Wash and rinse using a 40C cycle. Using half the recommended amount of non-biological detergent is sufficient.

  5. Hang your Wonderoos reusable nappies outside or inside in a warm place. They will be dry in a few hours. You can tumble dry Wonderoos on a low heat setting. To ensure your nappies last as long as possible, avoid tumble drying on a regular basis. Avoid drying your nappies directly on the radiator.

  6. Ready! Store your clean Wonderoos nappies ready-stuffed with a fresh insert so that they are ready to use.

That’s all! Washing your Wonderoos nappies in 6 easy steps.

A few more tips:

  • Only use non-biological washing powder. Make sure it doesn’t contain chlorine bleach.

  • Washing your reusable nappies at 40C is sufficient. If your baby has diarrhoea or nappy rash, wash them at 60C to ensure all bacteria are killed off.

  • You can wash your Wonderoos set at any height setting to save time, no need to undo all the poppers.

  • Don’t use fabric softener, it leaves residue on the fabric which will affect your nappy’s absorbency.

  • Wash your reusable nappies at least once before using. Hemp boosters should be washed at least 3 times before using. It will take up to 8 washes and possibly one tumble dry for them to reach their maximum absorbency.