Wonderoo Pocket Nappy – Product Review

wonderoo washable nappyThe Wonderoo Pocket Nappy was kindly tested for us by one of our panel of parent product testers, Claire and her 14 week old baby.

Here’s what Claire had to say:

Everything about the Wonderoo nappy is soft and squishy – the Minky wrap, the bamboo and microterry inserts, right down to the elastic around the legs.  That alone made me love this nappy from the start.

As Cecilie is only 14 weeks old, and not the chunkiest of babies, I have found that so many of the pocket nappies that I’ve used are a bit bulky, particularly when folding the regular inserts.  The Wonderoo’s Bamboo insert somehow seems to fit the nappy no matter what size setting you have it on.  The smaller microterry insert feels thicker (but strangely lighter) than others I have tried and is slightly shaped so doesn’t create a huge wedge in between the legs.  I didn’t try both inserts together, that would have been too much cloth for a little baby.  Using only one of the inserts at a time, the nappy has only leaked once in the few weeks we’ve been using it – and that was after one of those ‘explosive’ moments – quite forgivable under the circumstances. 

I liked the single line of poppers rather than the double row you tend to see on a lot of Birth To Potty nappies, it made putting on a bit easier, although, I did find that the single row ‘pulled’ and this made the nappy try to unfold itself from the smaller sized setting that it had been set on.  What is great, is the ability to overlap the poppers so the nappy can be secured on even the smallest of tummies.

As for washing – the bamboo insert takes ages to dry if just left on a clothes horse (not line drying weather yet), but I guess that’s just testament to how absorbent it is.  The minky and the microterry insert however dry in no time.  The biggest bonus is that the nappy appears to be stain resistant, so no marks left after a wash.

All-in-all, this nappy looks good, feels so soft, fits great and most of all holds it all in.  I love it, definitely my favourite nappy in our collection.

Claire and Cecilie Harris

In fact Claire liked this nappy so much – she ordered more!

You can buy the Wonderoo Nappy from our webshop, currently priced at £12.36 with 25% off the RRP.