Wonderoo Pocket Nappy Review – “Great Nappy – very absorbant”

Wonderoo Pocket Nappy at the Natural NurseryThe Wonderoo V2 has a soft and stretchy waterproof outer that feels like fabric on the outside, but keeps wetness and mess inside. Next to baby’s skin is the softest microfleece that allows wetness to pass through, away from baby’s skin, and “locks” it into the absorbent pad or “insert” inside. The fleece dries quickly, keeping baby dry and comfy. There is an opening at the back of the “pocket” formed by these two layers into which the absorbent pad or “insert” is easily inserted or removed.

Natural Nursery customer Eilis says:

“This is a great nappy, very absorbant,easy to put on, and quick to dry.”

She rated it 5 out of 5!

The Wonderoo is a very easy to use birth to potty pocket nappy. Simply stuff the nappy with the insert then put on just as you would a disposable nappy.  No need to use a paper liner. At nappy change time, simply take the nappy off, flick any solids into the loo and put the nappy into your nappy pail.

Comes complete with 2 inserts to use right the way from 8lbs (3.5kg) to 35lbs (16kg).

Wonderoo pocket nappies have been a firm favourite for years and the new V2 has state of the art fabrics and a trimmer design to give the ultimate in convenience, comfort and value for money.

Special Offer: buy 5 for the price of 4! Choose boy, girl or unisex and receive a selection of colours.  If you have a preference, please say in the comments box when checking out and we will do our best.

For more information about cloth nappies visit the Natural Nursery advice page. There might be a real nappy incentive scheme in your area too!