Using your baby Wonderoos reusable nappies

wonderoos-nappies4Once you have adjusted the Wonderoos reusable nappy size to fit your child the best, it’s time to add the nappy insert.

The nappy insert is the absorbent part of the nappy. It is sandwiched between a fleece layer which draws the moisture away from your baby’s skin and a waterproof layer. The Wonderoos are sold with a special insert, the Wonder-full birth-to-potty inserts. They are especially designed to fit this pocket nappy, maximise absorbency while avoiding the bulky nappy effect.

When you have adjusted the nappy height to the appropriate size for your baby add the inserts. Slide the nappy insert into the pocket of the nappy. The narrowest end of the insert should be towards the front. Make sure that the insert is positioned so that it is up to the front of the nappy and check it lies flat inside the pocket.

For a newborn or a small baby, use the small insert. If your baby needs a more absorbent nappy, (babies vary in their wetting habits) try using the large insert instead. You might need to fold over the front of the insert.

When the Wonderoos nappy is on the medium or large setting you can use the larger insert on its own or with the smaller one to boost absorbency. Use the poppers to fasten the two inserts together. This makes for a very absorbent nappy.

Lie baby on the open nappy with the wings at the back. Pull the front of the nappy up over baby’s tummy and fit into the legs. Fasten both waist poppers on each wing of the nappy.

The fleece lining should stick out slightly at the back of the nappy to increase baby’s comfort but make sure that the absorbent insert is completely inside the nappy to prevent leaks.

Run your fingers around the inside of the legs of the Wonderoos nappies. It should feel snug but not tight. The leg cuffs are designed to give a close comfortable fit at the thigh.

For a newborn waist setting the wing can be overlapped Select a snug but comfortable waist setting for your baby – you should be able to easily run your finger inside the waist of the nappy.