Adjusting the size of your Wonderoos reusable nappies

The Wonderoos nappies are made to suit most babies from birth to toddler (approx. 8-35lb / 3.6-15.9kg). They come with two rows of poppers so that the nappy can be adjusted in width and height to suit your baby growth. Once you have bought your nappies and washed them once, the next thing to do is adjust the size of the nappy to suit your baby. Adjusting your Wonderoos nappies to fit your baby is very simple by following these simple steps

wonderoos-adjustmentsYou will see on the front of the nappy is a horizontal row of poppers to adjust the waist (1) and two vertical sets of poppers to adjust the height of the nappy according to your baby’s size(2).

wonderoos-allsizeTo adjust the cloth nappy to the smallest size: Fold the front of the nappy down and fasten popper “1” to popper “S” on both sides of the nappy. The nappy should look like image 1 and 2 on the left.

To adjust the cloth nappy to the Medium size: For the Medium size setting, fasten popper “1” to popper “M”.  This is shown in photo 3 on the left.

adjusting9To adjust the cloth nappy to the Large size: To use Wonderoos on their largest size simply leave the height adjustment poppers unfastened as shown in this third image.

Once your reusable nappies are adjusted to the right size, there is no need to undo the poppers to wash them. They can be washed as is until your baby has grown and more be more comfortable with the next setting up.

As all one-size nappies, the Wonderoos reusable nappies are designed to suit most children up to potty training. In the event that your toddler has outgrown his nappies, keep them handy. Wonderoos is said to be working on an extender to suit older children.