Wool Nappy Wraps “surprisingly effective!”

Disana Wool Wraps are beautifully soft overpants made from two layers of knitted new wool. Possibly the most natural cover as they contain no artificial elements.

Wool is naturally watertight and the soft knit construction allows plenty of air to circulate and they are ideal for babies with sensitive skin. The soft ribbing around the legs and waist hold the pants firmly in place without the need for elastic. Very comfortable and very economical.

You will need to lanolise these pants before using but the oil in the wool will keep them watertight and help them “clean themselves” – just air them in between uses.

When they need washing, use a wool shampoo and lanolin conditioner to maintain the oil content and keep them waterproof.

These wool wraps are traditionally used with theĀ disana knitted nappy andĀ booster for a totally natural and organic nappy system.

Natural Nursery customer Elena gave them top marks and said

“Surprisingly effective, no leakages, very very soft, breathable and pleasant feeling. love them! :)”