“Easy to care for” Organic Wool Nappy Wrap gets top marks

Wool Nappy Wrap at the Natural NurseryThese organic wool nappy wraps are beautifully soft overpants made from two layers of knitted new wool.

Wool is naturally watertight and the soft knit construction allows plenty of air to circulate and they are ideal for babies with sensitive skin. The soft ribbing around the legs and waist hold the pants firmly in place without the need for elastic. Very comfortable and very economical.

You will need to lanolise these pants before using but the oil in the wool will keep them watertight and help them “clean themselves” – just air them in between uses.

When they need washing, use a wool shampoo and lanolin conditioner to maintain the oil content and keep them waterproof.

Natural Nursery customer Amy gave them 5 marks out of 5 and said:

“My baby has been wearing these since birth and they are very easy to care for.  Poo washes out very easily (unlike cotton) and they keep the air circulating even in warm weather.  They do take awhile to dry as you can’t put them on a radiator or anywhere too warm – so I keep the next size up on hand so I have a back up when needed.  They don’t need frequent washing however – just airing out.”

The Natural Nursery stocks a wide range of beautiful cloth nappies and there is loads of information to help you choose the right ones for your family on www.naturalnursery.co.uk