Wool Wraps for Cloth Nappies – Customer Review

wool wrap for real nappiesI love wool wraps for cloth nappies – they are just so comfortable for the baby to wear and they look so sweet too.

I used wool wraps with my daughter and found them very easy to use – a little more faff than just bunging them in the washing machine but not very difficult at all and so worth it.

And it seems as if our customers agree too:

“These are fabulously stretchy and cosy wool pants that keep my little one cosy and dry. They improve with each wash and lanolising but do eventually shrink so I’ve learnt to buy one or two sizes larger each time!”

This is one of our best-selling wraps and is the disana organic wool wrap.  It pulls on over the real nappy and gives a lovely leak-free, snug fit without leaving red marks.