Tips for a first time baby wrap wearer from Calin Bleu

Practice and perseverance are the keys to successful, long-term baby wearing. Don’t let the initial difficulties, or a fussy baby, put you off. In some ways, baby wearing is similar to breastfeeding – it is both a natural thing and a learned skill. It does take some practice and perseverance, but once you […]

Beautiful New Gauze Wrap Sling Colours from Calin Bleu

The Natural Nursery are excited to have in stock, two new colours for Calin Bleu Cool Wrap Baby Carriers.

Ocean Teal and Midnight Grey are fashionable, stylish colours, gender neutral and great for all year round!

The Cool wrap baby carrier spreads the weight evenly around your back, both shoulders and hips, making […]

Customer Review – Calin Bleu Baby Wrap, Fleece

This is another lovely customer review for the Calin Bleu Baby Wrap Fleece:

I bought this sling for my son Jude. I was a pram addict but since being introduced to wraps I am converted. Jude was warm, snuggled in and very well supported and I loved having my beautiful boy so close to […]

10 Unusual Ways Your Calin Bleu Baby Sling Can Come In Handy…

The Calin Bleu is a simple baby sling. It is made of a simple piece of fabric, especially selected, dyed, cut, and hemmed to guarantee the parent and the baby’s safety and comfort. However, the Calin Bleu can come in handy in so many other ways..

a play mat: fold your Calin Bleu in […]

Learning to use a baby sling with a Calin Bleu

Close your eyes for an instant and imagine your baby’s head snuggled up against your chest, his little body tucked up against you in the baby sling. Imagine for an instant meeting up with friends for coffee, getting on the bus without worrying if there is space for your pram. Imagine walking […]

Hundreds of new products for the green family

Are you are looking for products for your green family? Thinking about using cloth nappies or buying the size above for your baby? Need some breastfeeding aids, a breast pump, cups to feed your baby without risking nipple confusion, new breastfeeding tops? Looking for some new toys and books to entertain your children? […]

It’s cold out there! Baby Slings to wrap up warm.

It is still pretty cold out there! Going out with your baby is difficult when you’re worried about the rain, the snow, the cold, the wind (or all of them pretty much at the same time!). You may wonder if your baby will be cold.

Time to get yourself a Calin Bleu fleece baby […]

July Competition

Join our newsletter list to be in with a chance of winning this month’s prize – a fantastic wrap sling from Calin Bleu.

The winner will be announced in the following month’s newsletter, so don’t forget to read it and claim your prize.

The competition will be able to choose their own colour and size […]