New Nappy Round up at the Natural Nursery – Pop-ins and Smartipants

Just a quick round up of the new nappies we have in at the Natural Nursery this week.

Pop-In Nappy + Bamboo£14.99   £11.99

One size Pop-In nappy with bamboo soaker.

Pop-In Nappy + Bamboo Printed£16.50   £13.20

One size Pop-In nappy with bamboo soaker.

Smartipants, Pocket Washable Nappy, 24PK£324.00   £220.00


8 Top Tips for Keeping Cloth Nappies Soft and Fluffy

When it is cold and wet a lot of people rely on radiators to dry their real nappies.  If you live in a hard water area this could mean that your nappies go a bit hard. Some nappies are better than others for hard water areas:

The Flip Nappies from bumGenius are good […]