Thurrock Council supports the use of real nappies with £10 voucher

Thurrock Council supports the use of real nappies. They’re offering a £10 voucher off of the price of real nappies.

For more information on the Real Nappy Campaign please contact Thurrock Council’s Waste Management Team on 01375 413943 or email Introducing Reusable Nappies You have seen the many brands of disposable nappies available, […]

Bracknell Forest Council £30 Cash Back to try Cloth Nappies

Disposable nappies are not just expensive for parents – about eight million nappies are thrown away every day in the UK. Most of these end up being buried in landfill sites. We all have to pay for this waste to be disposed of and it’s becoming increasingly expensive as we run out of landfill […]

Real Nappy Incentive Schemes for London

You can apply for a Real Nappies for London voucher as long as

You are a resident of a participating borough. (Click here to check if your borough is participating) You are expecting a baby or have a baby under 18 months.

Vouchers vary in value from £25 to £55 depending on the scheme […]

Real Nappies for London – money off and incentives!

London has it’s very own website for reusable nappies – Real Nappies for London.

It is a London-wide scheme to provide parents with an opportunity to try real nappies  and it has been running since July 2007. Many boroughs offer money off vouchers, or free trials for parents who want to try real nappies.


Sandwell Cloth Nappy Cash Back Scheme

By the time your baby is potty trained you could have changed as many as 6,000 nappies, costing around £700 in disposables. In comparison you will only need around 25 cloth nappies, costing around £200 including the washing.

Cloth nappies are making a come back, but forget terry towelling squares and big pins. Cloth […]